Welcome to Flag Academy, in Chennai, Offers Language Courses in GERMAN, FRENCH, ENGLISH. The spirit behind this unique institution is Ms. GOWRI PONNUSWAMI, a profoundly self motivated Arts Graduate in English Literature, who is capable in teaching foreign languages with a proven track record of more than 25 years.

The Vision of Flag Academy is to make people read, write and speak foreign languages fluently. Language being an asset will help individuals to be at ease amongst foreigners and think about their way of life and lifestyle better. Knowing a foreign language is very useful to individuals working in Corporates, as we see boundaries slimming and globalization is the request of the day.

Corporate Clients

Ms. GOWRI PONNUSWAMI has been for quite some time related with major Corporates like INFOSYS, Sutherland, Tulsi InfoTech and so on. and has also additionally bestowed training to many BPO’s in Chennai.

Courses Offered





Flag Academy is supported by a group of experienced language specialists and this makes it simple for the participants to gain fluency in the language in a short span of time.